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“Joanna not only captured our wedding in the most beautiful way but also prepared for it by having detailed conversations with us, trying to get to know us better, our love story and our preferences to make the photos be a perfect reflection of our love! Joanna does care about what the photos and the moment being captured mean to you more than anything else in the process. Everyone loved her at our wedding, her positive attitude and good/joyful energy made my day easier from the moment we met her.”

“Joanna Dass is in a photography league of her own! She is so passionate about her work and has an incredible eye in brilliantly capturing such beautiful, heartfelt moments for any occasion! Before coming across Joanna Dass, we had reached out to over 10+ wedding photographers, I had felt the process of finding a photographer very overwhelming. All of those worries stopped when it came Joanna! She truly cares and has a way with words and great energy to pump you up. You will NOT be disappointed!”

“We are so thrilled with Joanna's work! Right from the start she took the time to understand our photography dreams and come up with a custom designed package for us. On the day of the wedding, we were blown away by her professionalism. She is both inconspicuous, yet authoritative and able to direct people when needed. We felt so comfortable with her and were able to forget we were even on camera. The photos turned out beautifully and really embodied the essence of who we are as a couple”

“Joanna was everything and even more than we had hoped for from our wedding photographer!
We are from the UK so having that distance was a risk. From the beginning we were able to get to know Joanna and for her to get to know us through regular facetimes and whatsapping. She was so invested in making our day so special and the excitement she had for us was always just so clear to see. We always felt so confident and relaxed with her and knew she would do an amazing job.”

“I'm soo grateful to have connected with on so many levels. Every time we see you you make us smile and feel comfortable and you capture the most intimate amazing moments. Your beautiful spirit lit the whole place up! We were so lucky to have you around. You are part of family now. Everyone was so impressed and in love with you and how professional yet fun and comfortable you made us all feel.”

“You are an amazing person!! I’m so grateful that we landed you as our photographer...we hit the jackpot! you were KILLING it and it showed! And we have cousins who are still talking about your dance moves after you finished working! We owe you drinks when we’re back from the honeymoon, let’s hang out!”

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