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Give me the details : your date, how you met, your story and your vision! I would also love to know how you found me and your dream travel destination!


help, I'm really awkward in front of a camera!

Listen, anyone who points a camera in my direction gets my double chin but that's why you have me! I know how uncomfortable it can feel having your photo taken so I will guide you and help everything feel natural and not posed.

Can I break coverage up?

When you book with me, my entire day is yours and I will take no other booking. There for coverage hours are consecutive and don't have a start and stop option.

Do you expect a tip?

The answer is no, I never expect a tip. However, in the past clients have bought me gifts and have also tipped me!

Do I have to pay HST?

Yes - HST will be added to the package you choose!

what’s next?

The Plan

After you submit a message, I’ll reach out via email. We’ll meet or have a call to discuss your vision, location and wants. We’ll sign a contract and start planning all the details.

step 01

Your Wedding

The day of the wedding will be one of the most memorable days of your life. Since we’ll have everything planned ahead of time, all you have to do is have fun, enjoy every moment and be yourselves.

step 02

The Memories

After I work some post production magic and curate your wedding gallery to perfection, you'll receive your full wedding gallery. You will be able to order prints and wall art or go ahead and start posting on social media.

step 03