Hi, I'm Joanna!

I'm SO happy you're here - I'm an

"all heart, no brakes" kinda human.

A lover of al pastor tacos and an unhealthy amount of popcorn (layered with butter because there is no other way).

In my free time, I'm constantly looking up prices for different flights around the world because I'm a solo traveller enthusiast! I'll eventually try to convince you to hike an active volcano in Gautemala, because it changed my perspective on life that drastically. You can witness my obscene dance moves if you play any Taylor Swift song or just ask me to dance...I'm not shy at all.

I get emotional at almost every wedding I attend even if I'm shooting it because I'm a hopeful romantic. It's also because I believe that intentional love transcends cultures, human brokenness and it has the power to restore. I believe that the best photographs embrace vulnerability, chase the beauty of the mundane and candid over perfection and celebrate life extravagantly. I want create photographs that feel like you and not just someone else's Pinterest board.

Most importantly, I am driven to create photographs that feel nostalgic and that will matter in a decade from today.

I aim to create photographs that will hang on the walls of your future home and not just live on your phone.

“Today everything exists to end in a photograph.”

– Susan Sontag

Why Photography?

Joanna has her Bachelors in Fine Arts from Toronto Metropolitan University, she has interned at Westside Studios and her creative clients include Ontario Tourism, Glasswing International (El Salvador and Gautemala), Cozey Canada and other brands.

Joanna has been shooting couples in love and weddings since 2010, this is where she finds the most joy and therefore pursues it wholeheartedly. She is passionate about people and deeply cares about her clients. So much so that her clients often become in real life and she has even crashed apart of her client's honeymoon to hike a volcano in Bali with them. She has "had a camera attached to her arm" since she was sixteen years old as per and is intentional about her interactions with even passing stranger.




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